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Wreath for Solstice / Yule / Christmas 


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Wreath for Solstice / Yule / 


Written By: Michelle Hlubinka 


wire ring (1) 

Florist's wire (1) 

Tree twigs and other flora (1) 

String of LED lights (1) 

Ribbon (1) 


I demonstrate how I make a wreath using Xmas tree clippings and eucalyptus, and adding a 
string of storebought battery-powered LED lights. You can add other clippings and decor of 
your own, and you can probably make your own wreath ring as a base, but this is how I 
learned to do it on the day after Thanksgiving 2007 at Costanoa, a camp north of Santa 
Cruz, California. 

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Wreath for Solstice / Yule / Christmas 

Place a small twig on the ring and then wrap a little bit of green florist's wire to keep it in 
place. I think I just did one or two wraps here. I got my twigs at our local Christmas tree 
lot. It seems they strip some of the lower branches to make the trees more attractive to 

Continue adding branches rotating 
around the ring in the same 

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Wreath for Solstice / Yule / Christmas 

Add other foliage. I had some eucalyptus branches left over from a bouquet a neighbor 
gave me which I recycled into the wreath. All sorts of evergreen needle-ful branches in 
your neighborhood can work, or anything that dries nicely. 

• I had a string of mini LED lights 
that I got in a train store on sale 
last year after the holidays, so I 
thought it would be nice to add 
those. Since they are uni- 
directional, I was careful to 
distribute them so that the lights 
would be pointing out. I'm sure it'd 
be trivial to make a small string of 
battery-operated LEDs to add to 
the wreath. 

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Wreath for Solstice / Yule / Christmas 

I tied a ribbon onto the wreath to keep the battery pack in place. 

• Add to your front door. I also saw a 
super-magnet hanger online that 
you could DIY to hang the wreath 
through single-pane glass doors if 
you don't want to add a nail to your 
door. Happy holidays! 

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